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A Civil Space for Public Discourse

Co-design a better future with your citizens—using truly collaborative tools. Bring a healthy new energy to your city’s conversations, and build trust with your community along the way.

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Product overview What Civil Space can do for your community

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Increase the amount of high-quality feedback you receive

Set up your engagements to include the right amount of context surrounding an engagement to ensure your community is informed, but not overwhelmed

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Unlock insights with ease;
Get to meaning faster.

Built-in cross-tabbing for quantitative responses, along with machine learning for text analysis helps get you from completed engagements, to understood results in record time

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Build consensus through empathy and collaboration toward emerging solutions

Enable generative ideation and selective commenting where it’s needed, going beyond consulting to truly collaborate with your citizens

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Build trust with Your community

Your community’s brand takes the lead through logo, colour, and domain name customization to make this your tool

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Keep your data local

With data centres in Canada, USA, and the UK (and more coming soon), your unique instance of the online engagement experience resides in your home country, and so does all the data you collect

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Achieve diversity of input through thoughtful accessibility

Ensuring every voice is heard can be tough—Importing data collected in offline 1:1 sessions, multi-lingual participation, and WCAG 2.0 compliance gives you more than a fighting chance

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Help your citizens understand the whole process

Project hub pages can be rapidly built to communicate the purpose, stages, contacts, files, media, and opportunities for citizens to engage with the topic at hand

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Take advantage of mobile moments

Capture the attention and opinions of your community in between the important moments of their day, leveraging a platform built to encourage mobile engagement from the ground up

about us What We Believe In

As a company, we want to see communities sustainably transformed to live better futures. We believe the following is necessary to get there:

It's time to create a better place to have the conversations that shape the future of our communities.

Tim Booker, CEO
  • Multi-directional empathy

    Citizens need to understand what is important to each other and why. Governments need to understand the future their citizens are hoping for and citizens need to understand larger issues facing their municipality and the processes that local government require

  • Trust building

    Citizens need to know that their data is safe and secure with their government, used solely for the purposes for which it is currently being collected

  • Iterative practice

    Doing the democratic process well is hard, but intentionally building these muscles will ensure that citizens feel heard and are content with the outcomes of the engagement process

  • Collaboration will set us apart

    Your community can get to better ideas when they’re working together, not apart

  • Engagement happens in multiple mediums in multiple stages

    We want our platform to integrate with and fit alongside your in-person engagement efforts, and for your citizens to get a full view of all engagement activities and supporting information across a particular project or your entire municipality

  • Follow the patterns of design thinking

    Planning effective engagements can be difficult—we have built tools and suggested engagement project workflows borne from design thinking methodology to ensure that context is understood, problems and opportunities are clearly defined, a broad array of solutions are proposed, and consensus is built around the final approach

It's time to create a better place to have the conversations that shape the future of our communities.

Tim Booker, CEO
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